Why the Hat logo?


A Pillbox hat is a small woman's hat with a flat crown and straight, upright sides, and no brim. It has long been a symbol of fashion and style, perhaps its most famous wearer being fashionista Jaqueline Kennedy, former First Lady of the United States. During her time in the White House, she became known for her signature pillbox hats, creating a high-fashion look that is still worn today.

Because the Pillfold and Pillpouch were specifically designed to bring a dose of style to your daily routine, we couldn’t resist choosing such a perfect symbol of elegance and sophistication for our line of Pillbags, particularly when it’s so aptly named.

Their creator, Sara Gorman, longed for something fun and fashionable (not to mention secure and convenient) in which she could keep her pills organized and at-the-ready. When she became medicine dependent due to a diagnosis of systemic lupus in her mid-20’s, she was a young, energetic, hip chick. And she was determined not to let lupus change that fact. Thus, she created the Pillfold and Pillpouch, bags that she, herself, uses on a daily basis.

Which bags does she carry? Well – it depends. Catch her on a day when she’s feeling funky, and her Pillfold of choice is the Montego. And when she’s looking for a real splash of color, she goes for a Pillpouch in Cambridge™What’s your favorite Pillbag?

Pillbox hat definition courtesy of Wikipedia.