Meet Sara!


Sara was diagnosed with systemic lupus at the young age of 26. She quickly realized that meant a lifetime of medication. She needed to figure out a way to organize it all, and the only tool on the market was an ugly, plastic, sterile-looking pill box like her great-grandmother used. 

She hated it. It made her feel ten times older than she was, it never stayed closed, and she was embarrassed to use it at the office, or when out to dinner. She even despised it sitting on her kitchen counter! 

So a few years later, she decided to do something about it. 

 She designed a weekly pill organizer that was stylish – something fun, unique, and practical.  Her solution, called the Pillfold, would take the drudgery out of taking her pills, while allowing her to still be the fiery, fashionable chick she was, despite lupus. She used bright, colorful fabrics and shiny, chic hardware to reflect her personality and outlook on life – something that her illness could never take from her. From now on, taking her pills wouldn’t be a drag; it would be a dose of style.™


She immediately launched a second bag, the Pillpouch, designed to stow and tote prescription medicine bottles discreetly and securely. Both patent-protected bags have the look and feel of a sassy little handbag – who would know pills were hidden inside? Most importantly, who needs to know?                                 


What began as a simple desire for a better solution has now blossomed into a thriving, worldwide business. Sara's line of storage solutions has expanded to include two styles of pills organizers, toiletry and medication totes, and jewelry cases, all of which come in a variety of designs and colors. Here at Clutch, we are committed to creating cute, stylish solutions for living well! 
Through Clutch, as well as her award-winning book, "Despite Lupus", Sara continues to work with pharmaceuticals, non-profit organizations, and health care companies as adviser, consultant, speaker, and patient advocate to promote medication adherence and drive lupus awareness, all in an effort to improve the lives of those living with a chronic illness.