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What's a Pillfold versus a Pillpouch? 



Designed to carry a week’s worth of vitamins and pills, the patent-protected Pillfold features eight separate, secure, clear zippered compartments – one for each day of the week, plus a "junk drawer" for extra medication. A watermark, indicating the days of the week and morning and evening compartments, makes it easy to determine which pills you need to take and when. You can also see when you need to refill at a glance. With easy to grip zipper pulls, a hook to hang the bag, and a light magnetic closure, taking your pills will be a cinch. And you'll look great doing it! 

The Pillfold is ideal for traveling – no loose pills spilling into the bottom of your purse or suitcase, no embarrassing plastic pill boxes, and no more plastic baggies. 
Toss the Pillfold in your purse, leave it on your nightstand, or carry it with you when you travel – wherever you and your Pillfold go, you’ll be sure to add a dose of style to your daily routine. The Pillfold (and sister bag, the Pillpouch) are safe, secure, and convenient - making airport security a breeze! 



The Pillpouch makes toting and storing your medicine bottles simple and easy. Featuring six elastic bands and a special-drawstring design, this cute little number is just the thing to keep your prescription bottles organized, stowed, and at the ready. 

Designed to carry up to six prescription pill bottles (or similarly-sized, over-the-counter medicine bottles), the patent-protected Pillpouch has a drawstring closure specifically designed to make opening and closing easy. Hidden coordinating cord slides easily through bag, and concealed interfacing lends structure to bottom of bag. Button-hole finish at cording outlets and cute ruffle top complete the look. Is it a jewelry case? Is it medicine? They’ll never know! 

And the Pillpouch is ideal for traveling. No loose pill bottles rolling around the bottom of your suitcase where you can’t find them, and no more see-through bags, giving the whole world a sneak peak into your luggage. 

It’s not just for travel! Use the Pillpouch at home, and instantly eliminate clutter and coveted counter space. Your pills (and their containers) will no longer be an eyesore or source of embarrassment, in your home or when you’re on the go.


Elastic bands securely hold up to 6 prescription bottles.


How many pills does the standard pillfold hold?

Because all pills range in size and shape, it's difficult to definitively answer the question, "How many pills does the standard Pillfold hold?" However, we know you'd like to size up our pillbags before purchasing, to ensure that they'll accommodate your medication regimen. Thus, we'll do our best to give you a few sizing guidelines for the zippered pouches of the standard Pillfold: 

1) The standard Pillfold has eight zippered rows - one for each day of the week, and an extra for additional medication. The rows for the days of the week are broken up into two distinct pouches, one for your morning pills, and the other for your evening pills. (Each side is designated by a sun or moon, respectively.) One side of the pillfold (that is, one half of each row, or, for example, the morning pouch) holds approximately 11-12 M&M candies, or 9-10 Mike & Ike candies. (Forgive us. We have a sweet tooth.)  

2) One side of the standard pillfold (for example,the morning side) holds equal to, though usually more pills than a single day of a traditional weekly plastic pillbox. Thus, a full Pillfold holds more than two traditional weekly plastic pillboxes put together. Plus, you have the eighth pouch for even more medication. 

3) Thanks to a beloved customer in the UK who provided the following images of her own pillfolds, you can see how many pills fit she's able to fit in each side of her pillfold. The pills she's holding in her hand demonstrate the pills she fits into one side (or one half) of one row of a pillfold. Demonstrated another way, the small plate she uses the count out her pills shows how many pills fit into one half of the zippered pouch.  


 As always, feel free to email us at pillbags@gmail.com if you have any questions, and thanks for considering a Pillbag to organize your medication! 


Why does 5% of every Pillbag sold go to Lupus? 

Sara was diagnosed with systemic lupus (SLE) in 2001. She started her award-winning Despite Lupus blog in 2008, and published her book, "Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness" in 2009. Since then, she's had the opportunity to travel around the world as a patient and health advocate, speaking at events for lupus organizations worldwide. These groups are dedicated to providing awareness, education, and support to millions of lupus patients, just like her. Thus, she's chosen to give back to the organizations from which she received so much, in the form of a charitable donation from every single Pillbag sold. Her goal? To raise $1,000,000 for lupus. 



During October, November, and December, 5% of every Pillbag sold will go to support the efforts of Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania. 

Lupus Foundation of New England
UCSF Foudation, to benefit the Lupus Support Groups in the Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic.
National Multiple Sclerosis Society - in honor of the founders of Pulp Nature, the online community dedicated to providing information on managing autoimmune disease.
Michigan Lupus Foundation
Lupus Foundation of Florida 
The Lupus Endeavor
Lupus Foundation of America, D.C./Maryland/Virginia Chapter
Lupus UK - Cambridgeshire 
S.L.E. Lupus Foundation (NYC)
Lupus Canada - Ottawa
Lupus Foundation of America, Central Illinois Chapter
Lupus Foundation of Minnesota 
Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter


Know of a deserving lupus charity? Contact us at pillbags@gmail.com!


Why the Pillbox hat logo? 

A Pillbox hat is a small woman's hat with a flat crown and straight, upright sides, and no brim. It has long been a symbol of fashion and style, perhaps its most famous wearer being fashionista Jaqueline Kennedy, former First Lady of the United States. During her time in the White House, she became known for her signature pillbox hats, creating a high-fashion look that is still worn today.

Because the Pillfold and Pillpouch were specifically designed to bring a dose of style to your daily routine, we couldn’t resist choosing such a perfect symbol of elegance and sophistication for our line of Pillbags, particularly when it’s so aptly named!