Every Pillbag Purchased Makes a Difference



When owner Sara Gorman was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2001, her world was turned upside down.  She wrote a book years after her diagnosis, titled Despite Lupus, detailing the challenges she faced, and the steps she's taken to live well, despite her illness. She donated a portion of every book she sold to lupus charity. When she launched her line of Pillbags, she just continued the trend. 

That's why 5% of every Pillbag sold goes to lupus charity. Her goal? To raise $1,000,000 for lupus.

Sara Gorman's Pillbags has donated tens of thousands of dollars to lupus organizations around the world. As author, patient advocate, and business owner, Sara continues to partner with organizations around the world, helping their efforts to provide awareness, education, and support to millions of lupus patients in need.

There's still a long way to go - why not support the cause with a purchase today? 

Know of a deserving lupus organization in your area? Email us at pillbags@gmail.com. There's always room for more! 

Just a few of our past charities: 

The Lupus Foundation of New England

LFA - North Carolina Chapter

Lupus Greater Ohio, LFA

UCSF Foundation Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic, Lupus Support Groups

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Michigan Lupus Foundation

Lupus Foundation of Florida 

The Lupus Endeavor

Lupus Foundation of America, D.C./Maryland/Virginia Chapter

Lupus UK - Cambridgeshire 

Inova Life with Cancer

S.L.E. Lupus Foundation (NYC)

Lupus Canada - Ottawa

Lupus Foundation of America, Central Illinois Chapter

Lupus Foundation of Minnesota 

Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter