Who's talking about the Pillbags?

"Chronic illness is hard enough, Sara Gorman’s pillbags and pillfolds bring dignity and joy back into view." -- Julie Flygare: Wide Awake and Dreaming - Things I Love



"The pillfolds look like bright little wallets...the pillpouches are perfect for travel. -- Lupus Survivor




 "...toss those dingy, boring, pill boxes and containers aside and start rocking a beautiful Pillfold! -- Abledis



"Sara has taken being a “sick chick” to a whole new level, creating an innovative and pretty line of accessories to hold medication."  -- HealthCentral.com


"I have tried a dozen different medication organizers, and this is my absolute favorite! In fact, it’s the only pill organizer I will use...the quality is great, and although I was afraid at first of the white on the material, the bag really is stain-resistant just like the site says! This product is ingenious and so. stinking. stylish."-- Amanda's Journey: Crazy Miracle - Be a Hip Sick Chick!



Dauntless Dames

"The Pillfold is stylish and functional and I've wasted no time filling it up with meds...and no more bottles rattling around in my purse." -- Dauntless Dames


"...neat little invention...a really cool idea...the pill fold is perfect for weekend trips!" -- Lupine Lady: Chronically Stylish


"My main concern was whether the sections would be large enough to hold my afternoon vitamins. Not only are they just the right size, but there’s an extra compartment at the bottom for my emergency pills, so that removes TWO pills cases from my purse!" -- Redefining Good: Sara Gorman's Pillfold

"I waited anxiously for these...and ordered mine the day they became available.  As soon as they arrived, I was smitten.  I love the pattern (I got Bordeaux)...and I love the pillbox hat logo on them...very classy. What a great way to be a stylish sick chick...and I love that the linings are pink!" -- Getting Closer to Myself: Sara Gorman's Pillbags

"...if you are looking for something cuter than the old pill box to keep your trusted meds in, check out Sara's website and get one for yourself.  She also has pill [pouches] which are just as awesome." -- Hope Whispers: Got Pills? Get a Pillfold!