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Pillfold Bordeaux™

With its classic navy background accented with rich creamy white, this sophisticated bag could only be named after one of France’s most alluring cities. At least Sara and her daughter, Deirdre think so. They fell in love with Bordeaux the moment their train pulled into its station. The Bordeaux™ is sure to add a touch of elegance wherever you and your Pillfold go – keeping your pills organized and secure.


  • Eight secure, clear zippered pouches.
  • Watermarks on each pouch, indicating days of the week and morning and evening.
  • Stain, mildew, and water resistant fabric.
  • Separate A.M. and P.M. compartments.
  • Shiny, nickel hardware – zipper pulls, garment tag, and magnetic snap closure.
  • Convenient cord hook for hanging.


Each Pillfold handcut. Pattern may vary.

Read more about Sara and the reason behind her Pillbag creations here

Outside fabric: 100% 7 ounce polyester. Made in USA. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Inside fabric: 100% 7 ounce cotton. Made in USA.

Approximately 6 1/2" x 13 1/2”. Tri-folds to 6 1/2" x 4 1/2".

Patent protected.  

With every Bordeaux™ Pillfold sold, 5% of the sale will be donated to a lupus charity. Join our quest to raise $1,000,000 for lupus!






Pillbag Runway Series

Sara Gorman's Pillbags

NEW PILLFOLD DESIGN! The new Arlanda™ Men's/Unisex Pillfold is now available! Fun, fashionable bags designed to carry medication. Bringing a dose of style™ to your daily routine, at home or on the road.

5% of every Pillbag sold goes to a Lupus charity. Join our quest to raise $1,000,000!!

All Pillbags made in the USA.