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Since Sara was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2001, she's had the opportunity to work with dozens of lupus organizations throughout the world, each of whom is dedicated to providing awareness, education, and support to millions of lupus patients just like her. 

In the beginning, her role within these groups was as a freshly diagnosed patient desperately searching for answers. Sara benefited greatly from the valuable workshops, educational summits, and supportive patient meetings she attended, growing in understanding and faith that her life with lupus would someday be manageable. 

The message she received was one of hope, and today, she travels around the world, collaborating with these organizations to bring her own personal story of hope to lupus patients struggling just like she was years ago. She's chosen to give back to the organizations from which she received so much, in the form of a charitable donation from every single Pillbag sold. Her goal? To raise $1,000,000 for lupus. 

Thanks to customers who share Sara's vision (as well as their desire for a dose of style), Sara Gorman's Pillbags, along with Despite Lupus, have donated thousands of dollars to lupus organizations around the world. There's still a long way to go - why not tote your pills in style while supporting the cause with a Pillbag today? 

Want to know where the donations go? Here's a list of past and present recipients of the charitable donations from Sara Gorman's Pillbags and Despite Lupus. Know of a deserving lupus organization in your area? Email Sara at, and let her know. There's always room for more! 



February and March 2014: 

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

During these two months, 5% of every Pillbag sold will go directly to the National MS Society, in honor of the founders of Pulp Nature, the online community dedicated to providing information on managing autoimmune disease.  



Michigan Lupus Foundation

Lupus Foundation of Florida 

The Lupus Endeavor

Lupus Foundation of America, D.C./Maryland/Virginia Chapter

Lupus UK - Cambridgeshire 

S.L.E. Lupus Foundation (NYC)

Lupus Canada - Ottawa

Lupus Foundation of America, Central Illinois Chapter

Lupus Foundation of Minnesota 

Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter






Sara Gorman's Pillbags

NEW PILLFOLD DESIGN! The Geometric Pillfold Center Point™ is now available! Fun, fashionable bags designed to carry medication. Bringing a dose of style™ to your daily routine, at home or on the road.

5% of every Pillbag sold goes to a Lupus charity. Join our quest to raise $1,000,000!!

All Pillbags made in the USA.